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Training sessions

My Nedalia allows you to define all the training sessions of a cycle or individual training sessions.

In a training session the coach can define the following information: session date, starting time, cycle it belongs to and colour. The session is assigned by default the colour assigned to the cycle, although the coach may change it at any time.

In the session sheet there is a number of parameters which are calculated automatically: total volume, total time, intensity and finishing time. These parameters are updated every time a new training block is added to the session.

main data of session

Session blocks

A training session consists of a set of blocks of exercises to be performed by the swimmer. Each of these blocks includes the following information:

Example 1: session of swimming training

Example 1

There is the possibility to export each session to pdf or print it.

Inserting a block in a session

It is very easy to enter a block of exercises into My Nedalia. To add a new block to the session, simply press the "Add" button and My Nedalia will automatically create a new block for this session. Then you must define the content of the block or select a block which was previously saved as a template.

Example 2: session of swimming training

The coach can create the contents of a block in several ways: typing text freely, using predefined dropdown lists, combining both options or adding with a single click a block that was previously saved as a template. You can select the following lists through the dropdown menus:

Using the different available lists, you can optimize the time spent on the creation of a session block.

Creating templates

If interested, you can create your own templates to generate your sessions more easily. You can customize several types of templates: goal, conditional, technique, item and phase.

To convert a block into a template, you only need to click on the "Convert" button placed on the left side of the screen.

block of session

Session duplicate

You can save time with the duplication of your sessions. This option is designed to save you time when creating similar sessions. You only need to click on the "Duplicate" button to duplicate a session and make changes as necessary.

This option is ideal to generate similar training sessions for different groups, because their contents can be easily edited.

Attendance tracking

The coach has the possibility to track swimmers attendance. The attendance control will automatically let you know the percentage of sessions each swimmer has attended, the total training volume, etc...

Attendance tracking

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