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The swim coach software to improve swimmers' performance

What is my Nedalia?

Nedalia is a swimming software designed to meet the needs of a professional swimming coach in order to optimize and improve his swimmers’ performance.

My Nedalia is a web application where coaches will access to manage their working sessions, either trainings or meets, and the results of their swim team. The working environment has been specifically designed to be used in a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

You can manage the following information with My Nedalia:

nadador nadando estilo braza


You can create swimmer and master profiles, assign their age group or category automatically and manage swim meets. You can also define the various leagues of each season and the minimum qualifying times swimmers need to achieve to participate at major competitions or national championships.

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cronómetro en una piscina

Intelligent timer

My Nedalia incorporates an intelligent timer which is totally linked with swimmers and swim meets. This timer allows you to capture the split and total time of each race, the stroke rate and other parameters. All the results are available in real time.

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Nadadores preparando una competición

Training sessions and tests

My Nedalia allows the coach to generate a training plan by defining training cycles, sessions and blocks using different templates grouped by goal, conditional and technique. It also allows you to manage the most important swimming tests.

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analisis e informacion

Information analysis

From all the recorded information for each swimmer and the results achieved in training sessions and meets, My Nedalia analyses this information and provides you with a variety of reports such as: age records, records by category, personal best times, evolution chart, etc

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Example of using the My Nedalia with smart timer in a 200m breaststroke event

Who is involved in My Nedalia?

The coach is the lead actor in My Nedalia, since he is the person who works every day with this swimming software to register times, manage workouts, track his swimmers’ performance, etc. On the one hand, the coach is responsible for entering or recording data and, on the other hand, he receives the feedback given by My Nedalia from the information analysis. The coach thus plays a dual role by acting as both sender and receiver of information.

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