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Swimmers, stopwatch, results, training, meets, test sets, data analysis... available from any device

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We help you to improve your swimmers’ performance

Time or import the results of your meets and we'll analyse the data for you.

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Intelligent stopwatch integrated into the application

Intelligent built-in stopwatch optimized for tablet use with the aim of saving you time when registering meet times.

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Plan your training workouts and test sets

Easily design your training sessions and evaluate the performance of your swimmers through test sets. Follow your training plan and save time by duplicating your sessions.

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Integral management of results of your team of swimmers

Have all results of your swim team at your disposal to analyse the data and decide which technical aspects each swimmer needs to improve to maximise their performance.

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My Nedalia, the perfect tool for a swimming coach

A software that allows you to design your training plans & workouts, record your swimmers’ times and analyse their results on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.




The swimming coach
plans trainings for
his swimmers

Create training workouts for your swimmers

Plan a whole season planning for a specific age group, a group of swimmers or an individual swimmer.

Design your training plan in an easy and visual way by creating cycles and sessions.




The swimming coach
measures his swimmers using
the built-in stopwatch

Record your swimmers’ results with the built-in smart timer

Use an easy-to-use multiple timing option to record your swimmers’ results with your tablet, leaving behind conventional stopwatches. Fully configurable and optimized for tablet use.




The swimmming coach
analyses the results of his swimmers

Track & analyse your swimmers’ results

Information storage on the cloud and results available in real time. Automatic saving of the results recorded with the timer and possibility to import times directly from result files. Access a great variety of reports: personal best times, best time by age/age group, swimmer progression, split analysis, etc.

My Nedalia allows you to

  • Use the smart built-in stopwatch in meets and test sets
  • Automatically calculate the best relay combinations
  • Manage swimmers’ results, test sets and relays
  • Manage qualifying times
  • Design your training plans

We make your job easier,
we save you time
and we help you to improve
your swimmers’ performance.

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