Easily save and check all your swimmers’ results

How do you analyse your swimmers’ results?

Do you make time conversions between SMC and LMC?

Do you know which swimmers qualified for a meet?

The analysis of swimming results allows you to:

Build a database of all your swimmers’ results to track their progress

Monitor the results achieved in meets

Analyse split times

Track metrics such as stroke rate, swimming rate, SWOLF, etc.

Have an analysis of all the events swum by a swimmer

Check out the list of qualified swimmers for a meet

Access split and lap times of each result

Make automatic time conversion between SMC and LMC when necessary

Make automatic time conversion between manual and electronic timing system when necessary

View individual best times by stroke and event

View pace and progression charts

Automatically update records and best times

Import results from HyTek, Splash Meet Manager, Lenex files…
(not necessary to key in the results)

Link your swimming records with Facebook or your swim club website

Access this information anytime from any device
(tablet, smartphone or computer)

Forget about spending time updating your swimmers’ records and best times. My Nedalia automatically generates updated reports with just one click

Ejemplo de creación de un bloque de entrenamiento para una sesión

Ejemplo de como crear un bloque de entrenamiento dentro de una sesión y como My Nedalia automaticamente totaliza el volumen y el tiempo de este bloque.

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