Nedalia includes a multiple built-in timer to register your swimmers’ times easily and quickly with your tablet

Do you record your swimmers’ times in a meet?

Do you write them down on a piece of paper? What do you do later with this information?

How do you analyse an event results with your swimmers?

The Smart stopwatch in competition mode allows you to:

Import the start list file and have your swimmers’ planification

Simultaneously record up to 100 swimmers’ times

Have immediate access to provisional results

Record the stroke rate per split with just one click

Register technical errors

Have an immediate analysis of each swimmer’s events

Know the estimated final time in 400 m or longer events

Use the timer online or offline at the pool

You have a communication tool with your swimmers to analyse their results instantly. All the information will be centralized in My Nedalia and you will not need to spend time typing your results in an excel file

Example of how to use the timer in a meet

Example of how to use My Nedalia to time the 200 m backstroke event to 5 swimmers at once including final and 50 m split times

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