Work with a centralized session management system and access it from any device

How do you plan the training sessions for your swimmers?

How do you manage your swim team goals?

Do you track your swimmers’ attendance at the training sessions?

My Nedalia session management allows you to:

Optimize session creation time

Follow up dry-land and water sessions

Define and use your own training templates

Set the goals for each session

Track your swimmers’ attendance

Know the training volume of each swimmer

Monitor the goals worked by each swimmer

Create a test set for your swimmers with a few clicks

Have a training session calendar with a list of all the scheduled sessions

View the intensity of each session

Possibility of sharing training workouts among coaches.

Access your training sessions anytime from any device
(smartphone, tablet or computer)

You can easily monitor your swimmers’ attendance at the training sessions. With just one click on your smartphone or tablet you can see the sessions and distance trained by your swimmers.

Example of how to create a training set for a training session

Example of how to create a training set within a session and how My Nedalia automatically shows you the total time and time of this set.

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