My Nedalia allows you to perform any test sets to your swimmers through its smart timer and analyse all the recorded data.

Use the timer in test mode to perform a test set simultaneously to an unlimited number of swimmers. You must select the lane where each swimmer will perform the test. You can specify as many lanes as you need. If several swimmers use the same lane to carry out the test, it is necessary to specify the starting order of each swimmer.


Timer in test mode

Before you start, please enter the number of heats, the metres per heat and the maximum time per heat (mm/ss). There is also the possibility to create your own test templates and schedule test sets for a specific date.

Test sheet

After completing a test set, My Nedalia automatically generates a record for that test. This sheet is divided into 4 sections:

  • Test data: At the top of the sheet, you will find the test identifying information: name of the swimmer, test stroke, date, type of pool (25 or 50 m), number of heats, metres per heat and maximum time per heat.
  • Test summary: Get an overview of the test overall results on a single screen: metres per heat, time, speed (m/s), stroke rate (SR), stroke length (SL) and swimming rate. From each of the above mentioned indicators, the mean, standard deviation, minimum value and maximum value are shown.
  • Test detail: Analyse in depth the recorded information in each split: number of heats, metres per heat, split time, lap time, average time, lap speed, stroke rate, stroke length and swimming rate.
  • Graphical representation There is the possibility of displaying the graphical representation of a test. Through the dropdown menu, you can select the option you prefer: display all split times or only show splits every 50 m or 100 m (depending on the registered split times).

Test comparison

Visually track your swimmers’ progress through test comparative charts. You can compare different test sets from one swimmer to determine his/her progress or compare a same test set performed by several swimmers.


A powerful tool to perform any type of test set!

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