My Nedalia allows you to perform test sets to your swimmers easily and with no papers, just with your smartphone or tablet. You will automatically see the analysis of the test results.

Do you do control test sets to your swimmers?

How do you time the split times in test sets? What about progressive test sets?

Do you keep a database with all your swimmers’ test sets?

With our test set management you will be able to:

Plan a test set in a few minutes

Do a test set simultaneously to a group of swimmers

Do a test set or a progressive test

Have a record of all the split times registered with your smartphone and/or tablet

View your swimmers’ progression chart per type of test

Compare the results of several swimmers in the same test set

My Nedalia allows you to perform any type of test sets to your swimmers through its built-in smart stopwatch and access instantly all the registered data.

Example of how to use the timer in test mode

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