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The swim coach software to improve swimmers' performance

Swimmers and masters management

Nedalia includes differentiated management for swimmers and masters with separate menus for a better control.

1. List of swimmers

Access the complete profiles of your swimmers and masters with all their contact details. You will find the relevant information for each swimmer in a single sheet.

swimmer sheet

2. Times

All the times of your swimmers available on the same application. My Nedalia shows you the following information: swimmer name, event, date, type of course, time and type of result (provisional or official). You may apply several filters to narrow your search.

result sheet

3. Meets

Set up the meets to register your swimmers’ times. Select the meet name and My Nedalia will display the list of events where your swimmers participated in and the times obtained by each of them.

4. Qualifying standards

Define the qualifying standards required for entering a meet. With this option, you can easily know which swimmers have reached qualifying time standards so far.

Meet qualifying sheet

5. Follow-up reports: swimmers, results and best times

Access multiple follow-up reports: active and inactive swimmers, completed times, best individual times (best time by stroke and event), swimmers with time standards to enter meets, best times by age, best times by category and absolute records.

6. Charts

Check and compare the results of one or several swimmers sorting by event, date… With this option, you can graphically see and analyze their swimming performance.

Gráfica de seguimiento de un nadador

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