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Qualifyng times

Find out how My Nedalia automates the management of qualifying times. Forget about checking manually which swimmers got qualified or how far they are from reaching their goals.

Meet qualifying times

My Nedalia incorporates the required qualifying times to participate on the various regional and national championships to be held throughout the season.

You do not need to introduce any qualifying times. We do it for you. As soon as updated qualifying standards are published, they are included in My Nedalia to offer you updated information.

List of swimmers with qualifying times

Check any time which swimmers got qualified to participate in each meet.

The information will be displayed according to your selection: meet, age group, swimmer, stroke, event…

This option automatically converts times to the type of pool (short/long) and timing system (manual/electronic) of each meet. Thus, you can see the required qualifying standard, the completed time by each classified swimmer and the time converted to the corresponding timing system and type of pool.

Indicador del nadador para ver las mínimas

Comparison between individual best times and qualifying times

Each swimmer dashboard compares the individual best time by stroke with the qualifying standard required to participate in each meet. You can easily know which time standards each swimmer completed and how far he/she is from his/her goals!

The completed qualifying times are highlighted in green and the ones that are very close to be achieved are shown in orange.

kpy of swimmer for see meet qualifying

A fully automated management of all your qualifying times!