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There is no need to key your swimmers’ data and results manually. We avoid work duplicity with our imports option! Import the information directly from excel files and pdf documents:

1. Compatible file formats

My Nedalia is currently compatible with the following formats:

If results include lap times, they will be automatically incorporated into My Nedalia.

If you are using a different software, please contact us!

2. Swimmers’ profiles from an excel file

Easily import your swimmers’ profiles with all their contact details from an excel spreadsheet.

Times database from an excel file or pdf document

Besides swimming results of the current season, My Nedalia allows you to import and work with results from previous seasons. With our imports option, you can import your times database from an excel sheet following some specific parameters or directly from meet results reports in pdf format.

3. Meet start list from a pdf document

This option allows you to import a meet start list with the current format of Meet Manager (Hy-Tek) or Splash Meet Manager before a meet. My Nedalia will import the following information from the pdf file:

After importing the start list, the list of swimmers who participate in the meet will appear in My Nedalia intelligent timer. You will only have to start timing your swimmers as soon as the meet starts. Your swimmers will appear in the same order as the start list, which corresponds to their participating order in the meet.

4. Meet results from a pdf format

Once the official results of a meet are published, they can be easily imported from a Meet Manager or Splash Meet Manager pdf document. After a few clicks, the results of your swimmers will be available in My Nedalia.

Very easy to use! You only need to follow the instructions from our import assistant